Day 14 : "Describe your style."

Well, this is tricky, because I don't really have a style. I'll just wear anything that I find on my wardrobe and go about my day. If I have to put it into words, it would be "comfortable yet somewhat presentable". and it usually consists of :

  • Button up shirt
Temporarily removed long sleeve, chiffon top, and high-low image
  • Black skinny jeans + belt
black, style, and outfit image Image by Maria Temporarily removed Image removed
the belt in the first pic is actually pretty similar to mine
  • Hijab (yes, I do wear hijab)
hijab image Image by ⋆ hijab, tumblr, and aes image casual, hijab, and look image
I actually don't really wear this hijab style that often and I'm trying to since it really compliments my face shape.

That's basically what my style is when I'm going to college, but for hanging out with friends, I put a little twist to it :

  • Denim Jacket
Image removed fashion, jeans, and outfit image Image removed clothes, grunge, and shopping image
I love my denim jacket so much, I can't really go anywhere without it
  • T shirt/tank top
black, grunge, and clothes image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and girl image asian fashion, kfashion, and korean fashion image
I wear them as inner and not cropped ofc. My mom would kill me if i wear anything cropped.
  • Sling bag
bag, black, and sling bag image bag, yellow, and aesthetic image Image by Sony Domm sling bag, synthetic leather, and bags image
  • This silver vans type shoes
shoes, style, and vans image
that one is pretty similar to mine, but mine has little holes all over it.

And ofc I would wear my black skinny jeans and hijab

See you on day 15!

- Dhira