19 things i learned at 19

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beauty in simplicity
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take it day by day. don't stress too much about tomorrow
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it is okay to cry. cleanse your body. it is healthy.
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do not let yourself be a doormat. ever.
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be humble. towards everyone. **keyword: everyone.
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the only way to overcome fear is to face it.
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school is not your life. mental health is more precious.
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it is okay to lie only when the truth does more harm than good.
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do not expect anything from anyone.
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everyone has a story. listen to them.
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be extra nice to people who cannot see you be successful.
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put all your energy into self-growth. focus.
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if your efforts are not noticed, it is okay. your success will be. that is all that matters.
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avoid screens. appreciate nature, love it, learn from it, and listen to it. it has so much to say.
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never seek validation from anyone. if it is the right thing to do, do it.
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beauty in silence.
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patience does not only mean to wait. it also means work, try your best, do not give up, accept every thing to be the way it is, every one to be the way they are and do not get angry if something does not go the way you planned it.
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yesterday is history. tomorrow is a mystery. and today is a gift. that is why it is called the present.
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december 1st, 2018.