Skin. Our body’s surface. Dealing with pimples, trying out hundreds of products, ending up frustrated because nothing seems to work... I am sure a lot of us have experienced something like that already, I for sure have! But after a ton of research and self-experimenting, I really came to some highly effective tips that I want to share with you in the following. Fortunately, they won't cost you a lot of money and your skin and probably your overall health will change naturally, maybe even forever!

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Fight the cause instead of the effect!

In the beginning, you have to understand something. The skin issues that you are having are not going to go away from applying some magic products. The reason behind this is that those products tend to not reach deeper layers of your skincells to transport their ingredients. That is why your diet plays a much bigger role in this case. But you can also eat as much spinach as you want, as long as your gut isn’t healthy; you’re not going to benefit from it!
So firstly you have to learn about the power of your gut. Basically, it is the place of our digestion system where the detoxification and the resorption of the nutrients of the food we've eaten take place. In our gut flora, there are bacteria. Now don't be frightened, those are a good kind of bacteria. Normally there is a huge variety of them which is healthy and beneficial, as their job is to on the one hand balance out our little “sins” like eating fast food and on the other hand to produce substances which make our skin GLOW (they also benefit our hair and can heal skin diseases). Those substances are for example hyaluronic acid, ceramide, lactic acid, several vitamins, etc. and they are often included in skin care products, but as you already read in the beginning, they work much better from the inside.

Because everything we eat influences our gut and therefore our skin, we want to take a look at beneficial and harmful food:

“Bad” food:

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In general, foods which are high in fat and low in fiber lead to a reduction of the variety of good bacteria in your gut. This can for example worsen the ability of your gut to absorb nutrients properly. (This is obviously a simplified image, but I don’t want to confuse you with the exact procedures. If you have questions feel free to message me.) In conclusion, it means you should try to stay away from fast food, processed food and easy digestible carbs like white sugar or flour.

“Good” food:

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Fruits and vegetables are great because they contain a lot of fiber which stimulates your digestion. Food that “feeds” the good bacteria are also very good for you. They are described as prebiotic and some exmaples are onions, leek, garlic, legumes, oats and asparagus. Personally, I have experienced unbelievable results with raw sauerkraut and turmeric (in combination with pepper).

Sauerkraut: contains probiotic lactic acids, therefore helps to rebuild or support the natural gut flora; also includes vitamin C, B12 and K, iron, calcium, potassium and a lot of fiber.
Turmeric: stimulates development of gastric juice and bile which are great for digestion, particularly of fats; contains many antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, therefore great against acne and pimples; the effects are a lot better when turmeric is eaten in combination with black pepper.


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Unhealthy nutrition leads to damages in the lining of our digestive tract. The result is a disrupted resorption of nutrients. Instead of only treating breakouts on the surface you should rather look at the roots of your symptoms. I highly recommend you trying out including the foods I mentioned in your diet, especially sauerkraut and turmeric. Reduce consumption of fast and processed foods completely to zero and you will be surprised by the results. Once you have done that, vitamins and minerals have a much bigger impact and their benefits for your skin will show up a lot clearer.

I hope I could bring some light to your understanding of the connection between gut health and skin and I really hope that this is helpful to you. If anything is unclear I am here to answer any questions!

To learn in what way which food ingredient will help your skin, stay tuned for my next article!

sending you love and light & see you soon ♥

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