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1. What's your favourite Christmas memory?

Undeniably,my favourite memory is my sister and i opening our presents on Christmas day.

2.What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Well,as mainstream as it is "Home Alone" is one of my favourite movies to watch in ordet to get in the holiday spirit.

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3.What's your favourite Christmas song?

My favourite song is from the soundtrack of Home Alone which is called "Carol of the Bells" Such a great song!!

4.Describe your ideal winter day

For me the ideal day would be to stay at home,listen to Christmas music or read a good book,drinking hot cocoa.

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5. Do you remember when you found out that Santa Claus wasn't real?

Actually,it's a pretty funny story.To cut a long story short,it was i think three weeks before the Christmas day.My mum was about to go shopping and she asked me "what do you want this year from Santa?" I was like mum,it's a secret.Finally,when she came home,i opened the trunk and i saw a buch of presents.

6.Have you ever had white Christmas?

Almost every year,snows in my area.So,the answer is yes.

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7.Have you ever made a snowman?

Yes,every single year,my sister and i have a tradition to make a snowman.

8.If you could make one Christmas wish,what would it be?

The only thing i can think about right now is all humans to be happy,healthy and live their best life without having regrets!!

9.How did you celebrate Christmas last year?

Last year,i spend Christmas with my relatives,exchanging presents and mainly eating so much food.

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10.What was the best present that you received last year?

I believe it was a book.For many people book doesn't sound like a good present but trust me if someone loves gooks then go for it.

11.What will you do on Christmas day?

I will probably spend some quality time with my family trying to unwind from all the daily pressure.

12. What's your favourite holiday treat/food?

Honestly,everything.I enjoy eating during the holidays.

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13. Do you prefer hot cocoa or tea?

Tea for sure

14.What's the best part about Christmas for you?

I think the fact that all the people are in the holiday spirit,trying to be cheerful despite having many difficulties in their life.

15.What do you like to do in Christmas break?

Let's be real,we all want during winter break to do nothing else than sleeping and relaxing.

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