The Christmas season is all about joy, family, friends, appreciation. As most of you know, Christmas just two days of the year (if you're counting the 24th). Even though it's only one day, this holiday is celebrated throughout all of December and even the end of November.

And you're here thinking "What even is the point of celebrating a holiday for a whole MONTH?"

Well in my opinion, I think it's nice to stretch out the holiday as long as possible because if you can learn to join in on the holiday fun, it spreads a lot of joy. Christmas is all about giving gifts and making your friends and family happy, visiting relatives, spending your time with the ones you love. The Holiday Season spreads kindness and makes this time of the year very special.

You're still here thinking, "All of this holiday crap is overrated."

And if you're a grinch out there, who just doesn't get it. Here's a few things you can try to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Gingerbread House

To be honest, these houses usually don't work out unless you invest and work hard to put it together. Call up some friends and have some fun.You typically have a better time with your buddies rather than building the actual house.

Mail a letter to Santa

Pretend you're a kid again! It only takes a little bit of time and hey, maybe Santa will get what you asked for.

Tree Lighting

Most towns or cities have ceremonies where they light up the big Christmas tree. Sometimes there's hot chocolate and music. It'd be a nice thing to go to to get out of the house.

Go out for hot Chocolate

Get creative and add some candy cane or peppermint, top with some whipped cream and marshmallows. Catch up with your friends and have a tasty treat!

Donate Toys

Christmas is all about giving and a lot of places accept toys for children who wouldn't get any gifts without the donations.


This may be the easiest idea on the whole list. Netflix and other movie websites have dozens of Christmas movies for you to cuddle up and watch!

Decorate your Home

Being surrounded by decorations encourages the happiness associated with the holiday, You'll be in a better mood and get into the spirit!