Heyloooo and welcome my beauty to Door.2 of Advent Calendar

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for those who don´t know what it is, this is a calendar used to countdown to Christmas Day ,each day you will get a small gift. So I´m going to "give" you gifts til Christmas in this case it´s going to be cool articles lol


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Get your Self your fav blanket,cozy socks,cacao and your Best friend or sister...little Tip and a lot of food bc FOOD IS BAE
1.Mickey's Christmas Carol
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2.Home Alone 1/2
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3.How The Grinch Stole Christmas
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4.Elf (2003)
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5.Arthur Christmas
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6.Miracle on 34th Street
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7.Rise Of The Guardians
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8.The Santa Clause (1994)
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9.Bad Santa
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10.The Night Before
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11.The Polar Express
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12.It's A Wonderful Life
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13.The Chronicles Of Narnia
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14.Beauty & The Beast
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17.Mean Girls
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17.Big Time Christmas
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Sooo you "opended" second Advent Calendar Door, if you want to open the next door than wait til tomorow and yeah seeee ya.

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PS: If no one ha stold you yet today , YOU LOOK GORGEOUS ,KEEP ON GOING