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I had a great year,, but also not??

FYI I'm not expecting anyone to read this!! Please feel free to do whatever u want lol

It was so so good for the most part. I made so many new friends, had new experiences and started to make my days/weeks more full of things to do but something about it wasn't very fulfilling. Throughout the year I was constantly tired and ended up packing so many things into my schedule that I didn't have adequate time for rest. I was so so tired all the time, which took away from my concentration in school and consequently in the falling of my grades... at least in the first semester

Mum hates me now too? lol that's fun

School finishes in just over a week and we get like 7 weeks break for summer? I am super excited except for the fact that I'm scared I'm not gonna go out but instead work the whole time.

cold, new zealand, and queenstown image cold, new zealand, and queenstown image cold, new zealand, and queenstown image cold, new zealand, and queenstown image

I went to New Zealand this year?? what the ?? I remember absolutely nothing

I also went to QLD back in Jan but that's like,,,, wayy too far ago

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I went to Melbourne as well?? Twice!!! And I remember neither times lmaoo

I started trying to get better grades around the September/October holidays? Right before yearlies and I guess it paid off because my grades are so much better than sem 1

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I SAW PANIC AT THE FUCKEN DISCO ON OCT 6 WITH ANNIE !!!! truly one of the best concerts I've been to!! Mike's first show was ours and holy FUCK he is gorgeous <3

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oh shit wait I also saw amine back in may seE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED THIS YEAR

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I saw Tay Swift in November and it was S O much better than I was expecting!!

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We're seeing top in 13 days and I am dying of excitement!! except for the merch costs, no matter how ugly or expensive it is, I am still going to BUY IT

I also turned 16 back in June and had a party which did NOT go anywhere near as well as I wanted it to. I'd rather not reflect on that one tbh

It's finally getting warmer (today was like 34 degrees??) so summer is finally coming. Hopefully, I can save up enough money to afford to go out these holidays, but we'll see