When death tear us apart...

The older brother who still lives, lives in despair. Sorrow. Why did I live longer than my younger brother, longer then all of my friends? Lonely and sad, with out all the friends he once had. No longer conversations between these two, no more anyting to do.

The child who is old enough to have own children, but too young to have both parents dead. How does it feel to no longer have that shoulder to lean on? How does it feel to no longer hug the most important person in your life? How does it feel when the ones who raised you no longer are here?

The grandchild who moved to another city for work and refused to go back home in fear of seeing his grandfather in pain. No longer knowing who he is or were he is. He missed the only opportunity to say good bye. Just like I did last year, does he feel like I did, like i still do?

The grandchildren that were too young and too old. They were old enough to understand what was happening, but too young to have it happenig to them. No more smiles when the car drives up in the driveway. No more walks to their grandpa. No more.