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I'm officially in the middle of my "Vegan: how to respond to 40 meat eater thoughts" article! It's a huge work to gather information and translate it, but I love every part of it! I also have so much work with uni... I hope I could post it soon!

To wait, I was inspired by @DanniLN 's article

I found it really well written and thought I never wrote an article about it! And as it makes a long time I haven't written about Harry Potter… And since I can write it a lot easier than the article in waiting, here I am!

So here we go!


Name: Louise Fontaine
Born: May 6, 1981

Physical Appearance

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Brown Hair in a bun most of the time, dark green eyes, always a smile on her face


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Comfy light sweaters, shirts or tshirts, skinny jeans or skirts


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Little earrings and an old ring inherited from her great-grandmother, Jeanne Patard.


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Boots or light sneakers


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Joyful. Funny. Friendly. Brave. Wise. Intuitive. Confident. Honest.


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She is the great-granddaughter of Jeanne Patard who was executed on the 13th of October 1604 in Paris after confessing under torture to participate in sabbaths with neighbours.


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Half-blood. Her mother was a student at the Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons. Her father is a muggle. Her parents met in the crowded Parisian metro, they sympathized and eventually fell in love.


As her whole family has practically always lived in Paris, she and her parents own a Haussmann apartment in the centre of Paris.


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Apple wood. 10 3/4 inches. Unicorn hair. Made by a French wandmaker.


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Tiny mouse named Adélie.


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She first went in Beauxbâtons but then wanted to improve her English skills and went to Hogwarts in her third year until her sixth year. Due to Death Eaters problems, her parents wanted her to return to Beauxbâtons for her seventh year.


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Ravenclaw. She was sorted in September at the same time as the Hogwarts first years, just before the welcome banquet.


At least, Louise was used to blue!

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Beauxbâtons uniform
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Hogwarts uniform


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The Beauxbâtons' library
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The Beauxbâtons' "jardins à la française"
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The Beauxbâtons' moving portraits
forest, nature, and tree image unicorn, magic, and horse image
The Hogwarts' grounds and forest
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The Hogwarts' Great Hall
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Hogsmeade, there wasn't any wizard village where students could go near Beauxbâtons so going out of school was all new to her


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Care of magical creatures



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Even though her girl friends didn't want to chose this option class, Louise followed her passion and took it for herself. She thus made some new good friends there such as Pauline, Violetta and particularly Adrien, with whom she did "pas de deux" classes.


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At Hogwarts, Louise still wanted to choose an artistic activity and so went to sing in the Frog Choir as she liked to sing quite as much as dancing.


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Lumos and Expecto Patronum


grunge, forest, and snow image expecto patronum, harry potter, and weasel image
A weasel, which suits her well as the weasel is known for its very intuitive, friendly, polite, honest, perceptive, hard working traits.



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She was very friend with Eefje Van Dijck who was very funny and extrovert. She was in the Beauxbâtons quidditch team.
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Eefje and Louise were forming a trio with Clarisse Legrand who was more serious about study and very competent concerning French History.
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Pauline Lambert was Louise's first friend at the ballet class. She was passionate, helpful and very skilled for pirouettes. She could dance everywhere without any shame.
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Violetta Orosco Soterraña was Louise's second friend at the ballet class. She was hardworking and skilled for arabesques.


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In Hogwarts, she was in the same year and dormitory as Luna Lovegood. They immediately sympathized as Luna was very kind with her even if she was a new student.
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She became a close friend with Edwen Argall, another girl in her dormitory. She was a very intelligent and nice girl. She was always there to comfort Louise when she wasn't going well.
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She soon became friend with Ginny Weasley as she was Luna's friend. Ginny made her laugh very often. She made her think of Eefje, both very enthusiastic and daring girls.


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She met Adrien Rousseau in Beauxbâtons. He was in her ballet class and they immediately became great friends. When Louise had to leave for Hogwarts, they both really missed each others.
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Adrien also living in Paris, they were really happy to see each others again when Louise returned for the Christmas and summer holidays. The rest of the year, they kept in touch thanks to the letters they sent to each other by owl.
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They started dating in sixth year when they couldn't think of anything but the next letter from the other. Adrien confessed to her when she returned during the Christmas holidays.
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When Louise went back to Beauxbâtons in her seventh year, they were really happy to be together again but Louise couldn't help but be worried for her friends who stayed at Hogwarts… Adrien was always there to comfort her.


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Spring and summer, she missed the warm weather from the South of France when she was at Hogwarts.

Christmas at Hogwarts

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She would have liked to stay in Hogwarts for the holidays but she preferred spending it with her family in Paris.


Luckily, the Triwizard Tournament was organized when she was in her third year. An older student invited her so she can attend the Ball with her friend Ginny


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This arrangement was a trick because Louise's boyfriend surprised her by coming to the Ball. The older student obviously knew and invited another girl too so he could go with her after the surprise.
Louise was so happy and astonished she cried out of joy. This evening sure was one of her best ones.


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She wore a silver dress made of tulle with some feathers details.


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She is now a traveller referencing new magical animals species and looking for new places that could accommodate new witchcraft schools. She is also a communications officer between Beauxbâtons and Hogwarts, so she can travel and continue to practice her English. Adrien continued ballet classes at Beauxbâtons and is now a professional dancer in the Wizarding World.

I had so much fun doing this article, haha! And I had to "calculate" when the Yule Ball was organized to know in which year Louise would have gone… Hahaha, I'm such a shame.

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