Hi! I'm really excited to do this article about exo so i hope you enjoy it!
(it will be a bit long, sorry.)

  • when did you start stunning exo?
exo image exo, sehun, and Chen image
just after the ko ko bop era.
  • first song listened to?
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call me baby.
  • first bias?
exo, suho, and kpop image Chen, exo, and lay image
kim junmyeon - suho.
  • current bias?
exo, chanyeol, and kpop image exo, chanyeol, and kpop image
park chanyeol, my ult.
  • bias wrecker?
exo and suho image suho, exo, and Chen image
  • all time favorite song?
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  • favorite exo mv?
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  • favorite song of the moment?
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sing for you.
  • favorite choreo?
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elettric kiss.
  • favorite ship?
exo, chanyeol, and baekhyun image Chen, exo, and kpop image
baekyeol - chenmin.
  • which choreo you dance to the most? ➟ overdose.
  • favorite vocalist(s)?
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baekhyun and chen.
  • favorite rapper?
exo and chanyeol image kpop and chanyeol image
  • favorite dancer(s)?
exo, kai, and kpop image exo, sehun, and kpop image
kai is the best dancer of exo, but i think that also sehun is very good.
  • favorite visual(s)?
exo image kai, exo, and jongin image
baekhyun - kai.
  • favorite era(s)?
exo, exo-k, and exo-m image exo, Chen, and kai image
growl - ko ko bop.
  • have any merch?
aesthetic, exo, and kpop image exo and kpop image
yes, the war: the power of music 4th repackage and i wanna buy the official lightstick.
  • favorite song from the 'XOXO' album? ➟ Wolf and Baby
  • favorite song from the 'EXODUS' album? ➟ What if...
  • favorite song from the 'EX'ACT' album? ➟ Monster.
  • favorite song from the 'WAR' album? ➟ Touch it and The Eve
  • favorite song from the 'COUNTDOWN' album? ➟ Drop That and Lovin' You Mo'
  • favorite song from the 'TEMPO' album? ➟ Smile on my face.

EP :

  • Mama: Angel.
  • Miracles in December : The Star.
  • Overdose : Love, Love, Love.
  • Sing for you: Sing for you.
  • For life: Winter Heat.
  • Universe: Fall.
  • favorite album?
exo and meme image exo and kpop merch image
the war.
  • top 5 exo songs.

1. monster
2. universe
3. the eve
4. promise
5. fall

  • member you think you share most in common with?
exo, d.o, and kyungsoo image exo, d.o, and kpop image
  • cutest member?
exo, xiumin, and Chen image exo, xiumin, and Chen image
  • funniest member?
adorable, boyfriend, and cat image boyfriend, exo, and funny image
  • a song that make you happy?
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  • member who seems the most brotherly?
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suho - d.o - xiumin.
  • member(s) with a potential acting career?
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kyungsoo and baekhyun are very amazing actors. I really enjoyed baekhyun as Wang Eun in Moon Lovers, i hope he takes part in a new drama.
  • Growl or Call Me Baby?
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  • which member would you choose to be your husband?
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suho or chanyeol.
  • who do you think you will get closest to first?
exo, lay, and yixing image exo, lay, and yixing image
with yixing.

thanks for reading my article, have a good day!