The article is about why I love The Magicians so much. I love magic and everything that has to do with it. I never was a Harry Potter person and actually watched all the Harry Potter movies for the first time of the end of 2017. So one year ago. Well, it was great but not to be addicted to it. I don't know why I didn't like it that much. It's strange because I love everything else that has to do with magic. Just like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Secret Circle, Shadowhunters, Supernatural, Moonlight, Teen Wolf, Salem, Sleepy Hollow or The Magicians. I'm so into it. I really feel like a witch. Phantastic Beasts was also great, even though it's the story behind Harry Potter. So what I love about The Magicians is the whole storyline. It's based on books. A guy that's so smitten to the book series that he always wants to be a wizard and then all of a sudden it becomes real. I love how Breakbills, the Moth Monster and Fillory really exists. That means the Writer thought about a world behind the storyline so the whole story can become real. It's so much more than just a TV series. The Magicians taught us that magic is real and can be found in every thing. Never stop believing and always keep going on no matter what. Also, the female characters are very strong. Margo, Julia, Alice and Kady are always so... Just strong and extraordinary, but also caring and protective. Margo is my spirit animal. She is loud and never let's anyone tell her what to do. Julia has the power to keep going on matter what she has been through. She's always carrying magic in her. Alice is so fucking stubborn and gifted. Kady is that kind of girl I am. She feels alone and is scared to trust anybody. I really do see me in all of them. The show gives a very important message and everyone should understand that there is magic in everybody. Maybe just a little spark. But this spark can grow.