If I told you all my secrets, would you stay?
If I told you all the things I´m afraid of, would you stay?
If I told you all my faults, would you stay?

My soul is fragmented like pieces of puzzles.
Every human, who has been in my life, has one.
I have been giving and giving the pieces and hoped they could help me put them together.
But little by little, they threw them away.

Now I´m empty puzzle box .

I´m a box, that uselessly hinder.
I could be filled up with new pieces, but their picture would never fit with the picture on my box.

My only hope is to find all those lost pieces of me.
Or... destroy the empty box.

Somebody assembles puzzle and then stick it into the frame, because he knows how hard it was, to assemble it together.
Somebody assembles it, then decompose it, assemble, decompose... and so on.

But when you lose even one single piece of puzzle, it will never be whole...
Who would want a puzzle with missing pieces?

- Teri