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hey there,
today I want it to be more of a personal and more real. I know it's more common here to give tips or advice or give a decent sun/sat routine but I decided to write what I really did today! hope u guys enjoy reading<33

so to start off, yesterday I went to grab myself some new skincare products and I will be testing them these weeks. I also bought some sheet masks to pamper myself with today, bc u know STRESS.

so today I woke up at 11, I know its late but I am grateful for those hours of sleep and I think I deserve them. I started the day off with hydrating myself plus I have been eating 3 dates every morning which is something favorable in my religion, It gives you massive energy and boosts your immune system which is something you need especially in the winter. then I went to skin care. I know when I finish I would rather come in the evening and find my products organized so I return everything in place. sometimes I face ice as I did today

then comes the journaling, I sometimes use art therapy and mind maps but today I used four quadrants of mind, body, space, and work.
you can check this to see how I usually journal:

next comes the running. I outsmart myself to practice conscious breathing meditation while walk-running out. this way I literally go on autopilot and enjoy my exercise. next, I will make myself breakfast and an antioxidant drink (instead of coffee) I use cocoa powder and cinnamon powder with honey and homemade oat milk. I try to organize my space a little bit before I hop in the shower.

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I wear a pair of sweatpants, braid my hair and start to work a little. I am writing this article and reteaching my siblings. I also had to vacuum my room to function properly.

later that afternoon, I cooked myself something healthy since the last time I cooked was like 2 yrs ago and that's not healthy okay. since I will get my hands dirty anyways I force myself to wash the dishes first since I have already gotten my hands in the sink.

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to be honest, I sometimes stress about how much I stress about work and social life but when I set back and do absolutely nothing it helps me more than accomplishing, surprisingly. I mean, before I commit doing nothing, there's always that small voice in my head trying to convince me that it won't work and I will be even lazier later on, but I always make sure it's on silent...

so since ya girl spent the whole weekend doing nothing( well done * pats on the shoulder*), it's time to go back to our daily work and studies with the least amount of stress.

5:34 pm
first, I start off with trying to convince my mind to '' do just a little bit and you'll have a break then sweetie ok?!'' that's how it goes. and then starts the planning and studying for my literature exam tomorrow. then I outline my literature project and start my grammar review and end up with my chemistry homework.

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so I ended up being a little overwhelmed and tired (10:55 pm) so I decided to thug life and go do a little bit of nothing although I still didn't finish my school work. I water my plants, wore a hydration sheet mask and watched a movie. something I wanted to mention (other than the fact that I slept at 12 and had to wake up at 6 ... and I ended up ordering pizza ...) that for me, I used to feel guilty when I spend my time consuming all of that media but now I only tell myself that I do need to, sometimes, consume a proper amount of media consciously and I must be aware of what's going on in that tv show, movie, etc.. pay attention to anything you can benefit from. a theme, good lighting, nice acting, amazing scenario, etc...

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I hope u guys enjoyed this article, I would like to say that I am just so grateful for how much love I have been receiving from you guys, thank you for every beautiful soul that had supported me here in WHI. <33