Hi guys! Here I'm again…

I'm so sorry for not uploading the first one of the month to make up for it I will be posting two articles on here today.

So as I already said my first one will be a routine and after that it can be my idea or some of your ideas.

As winter is coming closer and the weather is getting colder I thought it would be perfect to upload a routine.

I start with waking up around 6:30 am for school. After my alarm clock is ringing I normally pick my Phone up to check up on some things. After I'm done checking I out on some music and walk to my window. I open it up to check on how cold it is that day. Depending on how cold it is I choose my clothes.

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My next stop is in the bathroom to splash some water in my face to wake me up. I dry my face and look in the mirror and depending on if my skin is even that morning or not I was it again but than with soap. After that I go downstairs for some breakfast. I make either some bread or cereal. I also make my lunch for that day.

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After I ate my breakfast I watch some television (catch up on the latest news and after that some random programs). I than check the time and see that I have around 5 more minutes before I have to leave and run upstairs. Brush my teeth and go back to my room to take my jewellery and some deodorant.

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I take my jacket, backpack and scarf (depending on how cold it is) and go downstairs to put my shoes on. And then I leave for school and that was my morning routine.

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Part two for today will be my night routine so stay tuned for that one.

Hope you guys liked this! And I’ll see you in my next article...