Being in a long distance realtionship is never easy. But there is always a way to make it work and - most improtantly - to make it last. So this article is for all the girls and boys who are struggling in with their (long distance) relationship and for these who aren´t sure if it´s worth the effort.


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So me and my boyfriend call each other every day. I guess we talk more than we would when not being 6 houres apart.
Since this is the only way to stay in contact, try to call as often as possible, you don´t even have to talk. You can feel your significant other´s presence through the phone and that´s enough. Hearing his blankets crackle, hearing him breathing. Make surprise calls during the day or even at night when you miss his/ her voice. And whenever you miss his face to much you can facetime and simply stare into his eyes for hours.


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By snapping each other you can share your daily life with your boyfriend. Send him a snap whenever you want to let him know you have chemistry class right now, or to show him the food you´re eating. It may seem boring to you but he´ll love knowing about these things as well. In the morning you can spam him with some selfies while he´s still asleep and he´ll have a wonderful start into his day.


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  • don´t be shy
I guess the main problem of a long distance relationship is getting to know each other. You meet like once a month, maybe even less. It´s important that you don´t have to start over and over every time you meet. Like... don´t be shy and act all closed up only because you haven´t seen each other for weeks. The person standing in front of you is the same you told embarassing stories to a month ago.
  • make experiences
When you actually meet don´t lie in bed all day. Go out and do stuff, even if you simply go on a walk. It´s important to make memories together. Also by leaving the house you get to know each other way better. Walk around your town and show him your life, tell him childhood stories. After that you can still lie in bed, cuddle and have fun.
  • put away your phone
The time you have together is so little, don´t waste it being on your phone. Save your streaks and put it away again. You´ll have enough time to check your insta feed when he left.


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Probably the hardest part in a long distance relationship is leaving after a beautiful day spent togheter, knowing you won´t be seeing each other for weeks. In moments like this you have to be strong. Look in his eyes, try to remember the shape of his cheekbones, the birthmarks on his skin. Hug him tight, touch his hair for the last time, give each other a long, deep kiss. Show him what you feel. Don´t make it a short and emotionless goodbye ´cause you think it´s easier. It´ll only hurt the both of you.


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NO relationship can work without trust. So don´t misuse it.

If your love is real, things will work out. You can do this together. You love him, don´t let him go. Even in harder times.

to the one boy reading this: I LOVE YOU