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This article is about how to feel happy. Being happy is not easy, especially nowadays that social media play a huge role in our lives. However, there are some tips we can follow, in order to feel happy.

1) Positive mindset
It's very important to think positively, because it can change your mood and your behavior , most of the times. So, if you manage to see the positive side of every problem you have, you will be a lot happier.

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2)Self care
Be strong enough to protect yourself from people who don't mind hurting you. You deserve the world and you are the only person that can save you. So, take some time with yourself everyday. Eat what you really want to, do a cool face mask and never give up on yourself.

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Don't forget your goals. Do what you have to do ,because every time, you will be closer to accomplish you goal. Don't give up. Everyone faces difficulties, but that doesn't mean that you can succeed.

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4) Motivation
Be motivated is very important, in order to keep doing what you have to do. I made a collection with motivational quotes and I will post some really soon. If you want you can follow it.

5)Meet new people
Don't be shy to say hello to someone first. You only live once. Make new friends. If you don't take the risk to talk to someone, you will never be able to know what it would happen.

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Don't forget that you are amazing❤

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