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Greetings beautiful people!

I hope you are all doing well!

First, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who read and hearted my last post! I can`t express how much it means to me!

In case you are crossing my work for the first time or you somehow missed it – here is my most successful piece so far:

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Now, it is December 2nd; I cannot believe how time flies so fast!

I actually wrote the piece I will represent to you two weeks ago – I just could not find time to post it – and I am so sorry because of it – for you who are reading my works regularly and for myself, for not being able to make time for my passion.

But, it is only important to write and publish right?

So, the thing that inspired me to write this was The World`s Kindness Day.

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A bit too late to talk about it, one might say.

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But in today`s world and in the special time of the year that is about to knock at our doors in a few weeks (screams internally: CHRISTMAS), there definitely cannot be enough talk about something so fundamental as kindness.

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The thing about kindness is that it is something we choose – and we get the „points“ for it if we choose it when angry and irritated; being kind when happy and „in a mood“ is basically natural.

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There is some truth in saying that the loneliest people are the kindest – if you have ever paid attention to someone who was kind towards you – in their eyes you could see this little spark – it is nothing else but _ happiness_ – they were happy because they gave kindness to you.

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And they did not ask for a thing in return, because that is what kindness is all about – being kind means giving yourself, it means giving your time, making time for someone in need. And making time is, as one wise man said, love.

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When you love someone, the most important thing you give them is your time.

But it is not just about time – if you know how to be kind, you will know how to love better.

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And what this world needs is exactly more people who will love better, stronger, more passionately, more honestly.

So this way, I challenge you to be kind – especially in the moments when it is the last thing you want to do.

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And remember not to only be kind towards others, but also towards yourselves, and most importantly, do not let the world harm your kindness, keep it safe and spread its seeds as if it was the last sunflower in your garden – for they always turn their heads to the light.

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`Till the next time,
Yours truly,


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