Alone, oh wait… That’s the title of a song, Is it? Yes it is. Alone by Heart, go and listen to it while you reading this.
I know, I know. I said I was going to write this because of the Ralph Breaks The Internet movie and the Imagine Dragons’ song “Zero” (If you haven’t read my little Introduction go and read it. Won’t take you long, promise) but now that I really think on why I decided to write this post this song came to my mind.
Well I’ll be talking about me and my situations, and with this I just want you, the one reading, to know that someone out there in the world is feeling something like you or at least something similar. Okay? Here I am, trying to make it through life.
Since child I've been lonely by choice. I never knew something else, I grew up with my mother and her friend which I get to call aunt in front of other people so they believe they’re sisters. No dad in the picture. Even though I could get along with kids on school, at home I had nobody –nobody my age I mean– and that made me the way I am now. Somehow I don’t like people, but at the same time I have the big urge to be liked by people, weird you know? I’m a paradox even to myself.

I didn’t found out of this until high school where I really thought I needed someone else to be complete. Now I know it’s all wrong and not because of myself but for all those cute quotes on Tumblr or Twitter trying to make you feel better with yourself telling you that you’re enough and you deserve anyone’s love because you are amazing. Oh God! How I hate those quotes, and don’t get me wrong because those post are right. We all are enough to be happy by our own but when in your life there is a lack of love you kinda feel broken, totally the opposite these post try to make you feel.
Well know, let’s talk about our 80’s friend Ralph. With him it all starts when he’s sleeping on his stump and this people just blew him away with no consideration just to build their comfy houses. Just imagine how unfair that was and I mean that’s the official story of the game, now the real story -the one we get to see in the first movie- Ralph was programmed to be the one wrecking and Felix the one winning every time and with that the recognition of everyone.
Well my point is, when no one realizes on your existence or they simply don’t care about you It hurts man, a lot. Some of us have felt it, hurts as fuck. So imagine now when Ralph gets to Sugar Rush and find this little reckless girl and makes friends with her of course everything changes. He felt loved, he might felt understood too.
Now in this brand new movie, we see more of their adventures because Sugar Rush got broken. They went to the recently installed Internet on the Arcade they live in to find what was necessary to fix it.
This journey to the internet, now that I think about it, was more like a self-finding journey for Vanellope because she realizes that her game wasn’t for her anymore, she wanted something else, some place she could feel the unexpected. She decided to leave her game and start this new path. And of course we have Ralph on the other hand.
It’s just that, damn I really understand this guy with every inch of my body. She finds his soulmate, the girl he spent all his nights with for six years. How can you let it go that way when you had no one before? You really can’t. Plus the way he found out wasn’t the optimal.
I really loved this movie for this reason, Ralph even knowing his life was gonna be somehow different without her now and that he was going to miss her at the end he let her go -not that Vanellope need it permission- and embrace the fact that it was her decision.
We all need to learn to let go so many things. I mean, at the end people comes and goes. And the real meaning ones stay in your heart even when they’re physically away you will be close.
Thank You very much for reading me guys. If you like it please let me know and if you think that I need to fix something on my grammar, redaction, etc. Let me know as well. Everything I do is for you so feel free to comment.