»»———— "would i" by maggie lindemann ————««

. maggie lindemann image maggie lindemann image
i've been loving the songs maggie has been putting out

»»———— peppermint mocha frappuccino ————««

drink, food, and starbucks image christmas, coffee, and snow image
i drank this for two weeks straight, it's so good

»»———— pj's from victoria's secret ————««

christmas, girl, and friends image bag, beauty, and shopping image

»»———— thanksgiving ————««

thanksgiving, family dinner, and dinner image christmas, winter, and cat image
thanksgiving was so much fun for me this year :)

»»———— "hurts like hell" by madison beer ————««

madison beer image aesthetic, funny, and headphones image
i've been obsessed with this song, the previews on her instagram got me excited and i was so happy when she finally released it!

»»———— black friday ————««

bags, Calvin Klein, and girl image aesthetic, black, and dark image
this is the first time i've ever actually participated in black friday so i was very excited to do some early christmas shopping :) (although i did have to work on black friday, which sucked)

»»———— kylie's velvet lip kits ————««

makeup, kylie jenner, and kylie cosmetics image makeup, kylie, and lipstick image
kylie cosmetics finally came to ulta and i went asap! my favorites (so far) are: "charm", "goals", and "kristen" :)

»»———— kiss him, not me ————««

manga, kiss him not me, and anime image anime, girl, and watashi ga motete image
aka "watashi ga motete dōsunda", i was obsessed with this anime last year! this month, i discovered my love for it, again

thank you so much for reading!