Hey guys!
So, this is a poem that I wrote this summer and it meant a whole lot to me and wondered if this would have the same impact on people. I once shared this poem on a photovoice panel and stressful, but in the end - it was good to let that all out. Which is why I want it to share w/ you guys.


I am a perspective of standard of beauty that my mom see.
I am from stress thoughts drowned at sea.
I am from poverty of what the bank account consist
I am from a glow and radiant looks that my mom insists.
I am a diligent daughter who have a bright future.
I am from Forever 21 who doesn't know a thing about couture.
I am from a well-balanced of self-love.
I am from comparisons and insecurities that I need to get rid of.
This is where I'm from.

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