It took me a while to find my aesthetic and it will probably change. However, it's okay for your aesthetic to change because life changes and people grow; as we should. So this is how I found my aesthetic.

1. What does your dream Instagram, lifestyle, or Tumblr look like?

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Have a plan:
I knew that a wanted a theme and red had become my favorite color (because it makes me feel fueled). So naturally, I wanted my feed to be full of red. I also knew I wanted my feed to be black and white because it's basic, it looks clean, and I can change the accent color when I want to.

2. What are the things you like?

ghetto image orange, aesthetic, and fruit image car, fashion, and travel image vintage, car, and diner image
Do you like fashion, food, books, the beach, the city, the countryside, the 90s, the 50's, or just nature?

3. To find a base I picked things from the basic aesthetics

Like art and nature from the art hoe. Makeup, nails, and fashion from the baddie. Black things from the grunge. Grainy photos and light leaks in my edits from vintage.

4. Making it apart of your life

lana del rey, mirror, and aesthetic image

I think this is the hardest part of having an aesthetic. Unless you're starting over with your whole wardrobe and moving to a new place. However, it is possible to do so with the things you already have. How I do it is by planning photo shoots and making black and white apart of my theme for photos that don't fit the color scheme. And using apps that make my everyday picture look like my theme for my story.

Here are some aesthetics that I like and will probably try.

pink, aesthetic, and neon image girl, milk, and pink image Image removed pink, food, and japan image
Pretty in pink sugarbaby
girl, fashion, and hair image clothes, fashion, and home image glasses, nails, and aesthetic image girl, beauty, and bed image
Nude princess
adventure, aesthetic, and alternative image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed body, fashion, and girl image
Summertime Paradise

BTW: Many people can have to same aesthetic, but putting your own twist on it makes it YOURS.

Extra help: