wolf opened his eyes to a darkness. a road that is traveled alone, no matter how many or little walk through it.
but every now and then he felt as if he was being watched, reminding him that he wasn't always invisible.

spirit, angel demon. whatever the hell it was, it likely comes with the territory.

this evening he could feel this energy surrounding him. his anxiety maximized to the point he stood in horror. his eyes searched up and down, side to side. as a lost soul, he abandoned the church in anguish.

why are you following me?

"what have you done?" asked a voice from within the breeze.

"who's there?"

"please tell me who you are." he repeated.

he stared into the shadows waiting for a reply or simply a pale glimpse of the spirit that wanted him.

"you don't want to know what i have done." he finally stated.

"who would listen?" the shadow remarked, as if to speak his mind.