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Hana- means flower in Japanese


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Air Nation- Eastern Air Temple in a mountain range in the southern earth Kingdom.

Bending element:

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Appearance :

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Medium length brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles on my nose


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One day I decided to visit some friends from the Southern air temple. While I was there I noticed boy flying away on his sky bison, I recognized him as Aang who was recently found out to be the avatar. Being curious I decided to follow him. While I was following him the weather started to become worse. the next thing I know I fell into the water with my bison. Not too far away from me Aang landed in the water too. As I was struggling against the rough water I saw Aang's eyes, and arrow marks glowing and we both end up in an iceberg.
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When Katara and Sokka found the iceberg Aang and I were in I woke up scared and confused, hearing voices coming closer I quickly escaped from the Iceberg without either of them knowing getting as far away as I could. Unfortunately, due to injuries my bison got from falling into the water she could only take me to Kioshi island and passed away there. I traveled on foot to the great city of ba sing se, since everyone thought all the air benders had been killed I grew my hair out so my arrow wouldn't show.
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I was living peacefully in Ba Sing Se when one day I found a missing sky bison poster in front of my house. I completely forgot I got stuck in the iceberg with Aang months ago and being the only two air benders left I assumed it was his lost bison. I decided to find Aang and help him find his missing sky bison. After introducing myself to Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph and explaining how I got stuck in the iceberg with him they happily let me join their group

Love Interest

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Zuko- He was hard to talk to at first but after a while, we both got closer.

Main Enemy

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Fire nation- for killing off all the air benders

Hey guys! I haven't made an article in forever. I recently started rewatching avatar the last air bender again and I saw this was on Weheartit and I had to do it! Hope you enjoy!! this is the one I saw and wanted to do it from!