2 December 2018

Ok so this may not seem like the regular type of articles that you normally see from me but this MUST be said. So please Enjoy me going on a pretty long rant about why you shouldn't steal someone else's article.

I was reading an article by @ohmxriel about how someone stole her article.
Here is the article if you want to read it:

And this is the article that was stolen:

Now after I had read both articles I too was super annoyed and it wasn't even my article that was stolen. Time for my actual rant.

Speaking from a perspective of someone that also writes articles, it takes a lot of time and effort. Even i you don't come up with the idea itself then tag the person that you got the idea from and at least change some of the details. However, this person that stole the article didn't change a thing! I imagine that the reason they did this was to get the same amount of likes as the original article posted by @ohmxriel. Which even in doing this, if the original got so many likes and then people saw you copied version then you will be more likely to get caught and therefore reported. So first off, the odds weren't exactly in their favour in the first place. Secondly, if I was the creator of that article and I saw that in my feed then I would automatically click on it (especially since it had the exact same cover photo as the original) in order to see their take on my article. When I clicked on it and realised that it was my exact article then my first instinct would also be to report it as was Mariel's. After doing further research, Mariel discovered that the same person had copied many other articles before that. THAT IS NOT OKAY!!!!! Why would someone do that? You can have the same article idea but do. not. copy. it! Besides, if you are going to do the same idea then tag the original. From experience, I know that it is pretty darn hard to find good pictures that are also the right size for a cover image. It also takes quite a bit of time to type up all of your article. Thankfully, people soon realised what had happened and all the reports of this account had caused the account to be deleted because it is against the We Heart It policy to copy directly from other people's articles so now you can not access the copied articles.

Ok, Rant over.

I know that the article that @ohmxriel did about this is much better then mine but this needs to be shared around so that we can raise awareness about it.

Thanks for reading my super long rant!
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