Hello guys! Its @millieseconds here with an article about my favourite apps for online shopping!

1. American Eagle and Aerie App

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American Eagle and Arie app is like my go to shop for online shopping. I usually use it to buy their jeans as the jeans are like heaven's gift. They have wonderful quality denim jeans and on the app, you get exclusive products and if you are part of AEO connected, you get like freebies and stuff! I totally recommend the app cause the prices are also very good!

2. Urban Outfitters App

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I love their sweaters and honestly, the app is user-friendly so you won't get confused, The prices are average and i find myself finding many good items there that my total sometimes ends up being like $200 (lol, i have to take things out sometimes tho)


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Out for things to impress yourself and others? Asos has you covered. To be honest, i believe that ASOS specializes in streetwear so if you are into that type of style you will be in love with ASOS and its prices. Good quality for good-kind of high prices. I use the app and i totally recommend. (DISCLAIMER: i haven't bought from here before but from the reviews and the app design, i think that the app is very good and i am planning to buy from there soon :) )


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To be honest, the prices are too good to be true. Great app and even better prices and products. A must have app!

Other apps you can try:

  • Fashion Nova (Kylie Jenner approved)
  • SheIn
  • Romwe (heard it has better quality than SheIn??)

And that's it, everyone! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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