through the doors of the cathedral an evil strayed as feelings were grew less cold. the details on the walls and ceilings were made out of gold, every inch accompanied by a harmonizing touch. in a place as beautiful and tranquil as this, misery drifted into a distance as a young man started to pray for a miracle.

he came from just a block away but his trials that were left behind could go on for miles. his birth name was wolf carmen, but it didn't mean much anymore.

not long ago he had done something he could never take back, and everyday it was becoming more real for him. murder was never his desire nor motive. but as a storm that passes, so did the time he took away a life. the blood could never be erased.

he ran from it, of course. but the memory was stuck there, playing over and over again in his head.

he could never experience the normalicy of everyday life again. his feelings were alien. all he wanted was a way to disappear.

the law was after him, as his mentality was fading along with his health. he hadn't eaten in three days. he hadn't even slept. he was under the spell of his own ending. and it was approaching soon.

with words he said in prayer tears would follow as he was searching for some kind of grace.

god i don't want forgiveness, just looking for an answer.