Hello everyone!
I don't know about you, but I'm the kind of person who, when approaching Christmas, doesn't think twice about decorating the house.
In recent years I have always looked for simple and handmade decorations, so I decided to share some of them here with you.
I hope you like them and let me know if you try to recreate them.

1. Little Christmas trees.

White color
Green color

(1) First we color the pinecones with the green color and the vases with the white color and let them dry.
(2) Once dry add the glue on the inner edges of the vases and insert the pine cones and let it dry.
(3) When they're dry we can decorate our trees with beads, stars, etc.

Image by уυησ🥀 Image by уυησ🥀
Image by уυησ🥀

2. Christmas centerpiece.

Glass jars with lid
Twigs of pine and fir
Decorations vare (like holly)
Hot glue
Hot glue gun

(1) We take our twigs and cut them according to the height of our jars.
(2) Let's heat the glue and remove the cap from the jars.
(3) At the center of the inside of the cap we put a little bit of glue, we take a twig of pine and one of holly and we place them vertically on the glue until it will be completely dry.
Once dry, put the cap back on the pot, place the pot on the contrary (with the cap on the table) and our centerpiece is ready.
You can indulge your imagination, you can make it higher and lower, with more types of branches or with only one, as you prefer.

Image by уυησ🥀 Image by уυησ🥀

3. Christmas ornament wreath.

An iron hanger
Christmas tree balls
Various Christmas decorations (pine cones, branches, etc.)

(1) We take our iron hanger, give it the shape of a circle and open it.
(2) We insert our Christmas balls in the wire of the hanger and, once arrived at the end, close the hanger.
(3) Add on the closing point some decorations as you like such as bows, branches etc.

diy, holiday, and winter image Image by уυησ🥀