Welcoming the Dark and Remembering the Dead

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Quickening God and Crone Goddess

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The goddess grows wise with age and transforms into her crone form as the new god quickens in her womb


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Communicating through the veil
candle, mirror, and aesthetic image rain, light, and window image
Lighting single candles in each window at sunset
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Burying or placing apples at the roadside
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Making Jack-o-Lanterns


witch image candles, force, and pagan image witch, witchcraft, and book image witchcraft image
Spells for death, the rebirth of darkness, preparation, and spirits


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animals, autumn, and black cat image cat and black image
Black Cats
dream catcher, pagan, and triple goddess image witch, broom, and broomstick image


white, food, and purple image Image by tenderlygirl Cinnamon, delicious, and fruit image beef, dinner, and food image autumn colors, seasonal, and tumblr image breakfast, cranberry, and food image
Turnips, apples, gourds, nuts, mulled wine, beef, corn, cranberry muffins, herbal teas, and pomegranates


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Mugwort, allspice, broom, catnip, deadly nightshade, mandrake, sage, straw, hazel, wormwood, and calendula


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Heliotrope, cinnamon, patchouli, and hyssop


autumn, brown, and cosy image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image light, tree, and autumn image background, pattern, and wallpaper image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image Image by ketikokaia97_1
Black, orange, white, silver, and gold


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Jet, obsidian, and other black stones