Do you feel the need to go out, look at the sky, listen to the sound of the wind, the singing of birds and want to fill your soul with peace?
So many responsibilities on our shoulders, so many problems, so many good and bad emotions.
When you are a young adult, everyone expects you to find your way, a stable and appropriate one, but they don´t help you to build it.
You find yourself with a whole world full of chaos, more responsibilities and pressures, and decisions to make.
There is no other option but to accept the challenge and execute your actions in the best possible way.
I don´t want to see my future as a weight, I want to project with hope, I want to take it as an opportunity to do everything that I never dared, create a path with things that I like, that make me happy.
I like freedom, however, it's scary to choose, to draw the blank sheet of your life over the years.
I am happy and scared, and I hope to be able to deal with the new world that is coming. I don´t think I'm the only one feeling this way about change, I think it's part of being human.
I wish all those who are facing a change, the strength to overcome it in the best possible way, be strong.