Hi guys, how are u? well this topic its a little bit complicated, if you are having a low self esteem, let me tell u it´s completely fine, I know how u feel, thinking everyone is better than u or just feeling bad with yourself, honey YOU ARE NOT THAT SHIT, you are more than u think. Recently I was not feeling good with myself, and I thought a lot of things about me, lots of insults came on my mind, and I had really bad days, but after almost 4 weeks, I finally got it. God (doesn´t matter which religion are u) made u like that, If I would have something extra or something less I probably would not be who I am now, and even if I´m still having some doubts about me, I decided to try to change it.

So here are some things I'm trying to do to love myself, and I recommend u:

1) We just have one life, so don't spend your time thinking about bad things of u, forget your weaknesses, enjoy life.

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2) Learn to get along with yourself, say to yourself you are awesome, strong, brave. Things like that, remember your body listens to you.

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3) Distract your mind, find an activity you are good at it and enjoy it.

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4) Try to accept what you think is wrong with u, your body, your nature, and love it, love what makes u different of others.

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5) Be you, do things in your own way. Don’t let anyone make you think that you aren’t smart, enough, pretty.. be the one you wanna be, even if people don't like it.

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I know there aren´t a lot, but this is what I have, I am learning too. I hope this help u guys, I know it is hard, but I also know we can. I hope everyone of us love ourselves like god loves us.

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Love u guys.
Km <3