Hey beautiful people, after a long time without posting articles I come back with a special one, about Harry Potter. (None of the pictures are mine) Let's star!

NAME: Olivia Whale

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Blood Status:

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Date of Birth:

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22 February 1982 - Aquarius.

House: Ravenclaw

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''Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure''. Ravenclaw and proud.


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A wolf. The first time she saw her patronus she was so admiringly because this is her favorite animal and she finds wolves mysterious but beautiful.


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Olivia has natural blond and chestnut hair. She has clear brown eyes with a little bit of green and a little bit of freckles on her cheecks. Average height and quiet slim.


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She likes wearing smart and creative outfits out of her Hogwarts outfit.


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Olivia is quit shy and likes to being alone to read and to study. The sorting hat were right to puts her in Ravenclaw, she considers mind, intelligence, thurst of knowledge and wisdom as the best qualities. She is kind with people, always smiling and here to help someone with his homework.


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Olivia's wand is made with Apple Wood who's powerfull and mixes poorly with Dark Art (It is said the possessor of an Apple Wood will be well-loved and long-lived), Phoenix feather Core (capable of the greatest range of magic), 12 1/4'' lenght, solid flexibility.


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A cute white owl named Blue.

Favorite Subjects:

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Charms, Astronomy, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures and Flying.

Favorite Spells:

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Lumos, Accio, Expecto patronum, Protego

Favorite professors:

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McGonagall, Lupin

Favorite Hogwarts places:

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Olivia loves the large and mysterious Hogwarts' corridors, she loves a secret place she has discovered who gives a beautiful view on the school, she loves the big hall and the library.


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She likes Harry and Hermione but spend more time with Hermione. In the same house she likes to be with Luna in class, to study and sometimes spend a day together. But Olivia spend almost of all of her time with Neville, they are bestfirends and do everything together.

Yule Ball:

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Olivia wore a beautiful pale pink dress and she is accompagnied by Harry Potter but only as a friend. At the end of the ball, Newt finally offered her a dance and she liked it so much.

Love interest:

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Olivia has a crush on Newt Scamander since the begining of her last year at Hogwarts. After the ball they spent more time together day after day and Newt finally kissed her so they began a relationship.


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Coffee and capuccino, roses, bakery and the rain and the forest.

That's all ! I hope you liked it because I enjoyed making this article, espacially because it's about Harry Potter!