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DAWN Member Profiles 2018: DAWN Facts and Ideal Types

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DAWN (새벽) consists of 6 members: Hana, Ara, Ayame, Vivi, Lilah and Lyn. The band debuted on January 1st, 2018, under JYP Entertainment.

DAWN Fandom Name: Sunrise
DAWN Official Fan Color: –

Official accounts:
Instagram: @official.dawn
Twitter: @DAWN_jype
Youtube: DAWN
Facebook: @JYPEDAWN
Official Website: DAWN.jype.com
Fan Cafe: Sunrise Cafe
vLive: DAWN

DAWN Members Profile:

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Stage Name: Ayame (아야메)
Birth Name: Enatsu Ayame (豊 アヤメ)
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Leader, Lead vocalist, Sub-rapper
Birthday: February 7, 1998
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 160cm (5’4’’)
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: O+
Sub-unit: Interstellar
Color: Golden
Instagram: @ayame.enatxu

Ayame Facts:
-She was born in Tokyo, Japan.
-She has a twin brother (Kaneki) and a younger sister (Aya).
-She trained for 7 years at JYP.
-She joined JYP Entertainment in 2011 taking an audition in Korea.
-She wanted to become an idol because of Wonder Girls and Miss-A.
-Her role models are 2NE1’s CL, Sunmi, Jessi, Hyuna and Miss A's Suzy.
-Her nicknames (according to her members) are: Yummy, Boss Baby and Purse puppy.
-Ayame has a very ugly and contagious laugh, Lyn said “She sounds like a dying seal every time she laughs…and she laughs a lot” (After School Club)
-Ayame likes painting her hair a lot.
-She can’t ride a bike but she knows how to skate.
-She often goes skating with Lilah.
-She already has her drivers license.
-Her father passed away when she was 12 years old. (Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Artist acceptance speech (with her solo album))
-She loves ice skating and she always wanted to become a figure skater.
-She also attended media class because she was very interested in writing lyrics and composing songs.
-She has asthma and mild anxiety.
-She usually plays video games with Ara.
-Ayame is really close to the other girls and loves them like her own children.
-Ayame is very small and looks delicate but she’ll fight anyone and anything.
-She loves glitter.
-When she was thirteen she dislocated her knee-pan.
-She gets easily anxious in crowded places.
-Yame likes manga and anime.
-She is fluent in Japanese, Korean, English, and Chinese.
-She writes most of their lyrics with Ara.
-She hates fried seaweed snacks.
-She doesn’t like mochi.
-Ayame organizes her things by size, color or alphabetical order.
-Yame used braces for 4/5 years.
-She's a stress eater.
-She has a high alcohol tolerance.
-Ayame is a party animal, and she enjoys going to nightclubs.
-She has myopia and stigmatism so she wears glasses (only around the house, she wears contacts outside)
-Yame is very sarcastic and she loves to tease the girls.
-She got first place at ISAC for archery.
-Her favorite colors are pink and black.
-She loves the smell of coffee and vanilla.
-Her favorite Japanese foods are Karaage, Yakitori, Gyoza, Miso-shiru and Tofu.
-She doesn't eat pork, but she loves beef and chicken.
-She's a heavy sleeper and usually sleepwalks or talks in her sleep.
-She loves Pocky.
-Her favorite overall foods are hamburgers and spicy foods.
-She loves Mexican and Indian food.
-She has a 4D personality.
-She doesn’t have any fears, and she’s really hard to scare.
-She isn't ticklish.
-Her favorite artists at the moment are Halsey, Tory Lanez, Khai Dream, Trey Songz, and Yo Trane.
-She loves people but needs alone time.
-She protects her bandmates and treats them like her kids, even if she’s not the older one.
-She's the shortest in the group.
-She is the last one to wake up.
-Loves nail art.
-Her role at the dorm is doing laundry and cooking.
-She gives advice and has deep talks with all of the girls.
-She always cleans the maknae line’s room.
-She loves taking naps.
-She thinks her charming point is her personality (Starlight Zone ep.6)
-She shares a dorm with Vivi. (Dusk with Dawn Ep.7)
-Before leaving Japan she attended KAIS elementary and middle school. (DAWN TV #35)
-She is really good friends with BangChan from Stray kids and she used to hang out with him a lot during their trainee days. (vLive 180521)
-She attended Cheongdam High school. (DAWN TV #35)
-She loves when people take pictures of her, but she thinks she's not photogenic. (DAWN’s daily Ep.27)
-Her favorite animal is the llama. (DAWN TV #57)
-Her best friend is Kim Taehyung from BTS, they met at an award show because he was hungry and she had food in her purse, so they shared some food and got to know each other. (DAWN’s daily Ep.32)
-Her motto is: “how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.”
-Ayame's Ideal Type Park Jimin

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Stage Name: Hana (하나)
Birth Name: Choi Hana (최하나)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Lead vocalist, Lead dancer
Birthday: September 12, 1997
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 170cm ( 5 ft 6 in)
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: AB
Sub-unit: Interstellar
Color: Pink
Instagram: @choidulset

Hana Facts:
-She was born in Seoul, South Korea
-She was a trainee for five years in JYP
-She's the loudest member along with Lilah.
-She already starred in two dramas, "Whole new world" and "Thorn Garden".
-She composed some songs for each of her starring dramas.
-She is the tallest member.
-Hana doesn’t have a good relationship with her parents
-Her favorite number is 12.
-Her role model is Hong Jinyoung.
-She loves to sing trot.
-Hana loves everything pink and glittery.
-Her favorite food is Jokbal and Chicken.
-Hana loves romantic and cheesy movies.
-Her favorite desserts are bingsoo and chaltteok.
-She’s friends with lots of actors.
-Her best friend is the actress Jung Somin, even though she is eight years younger than Somin.
-She doesn’t like greasy foods.
-Her nicknames (according to her members) are: Dul, Set, Hannah, Choi.
-Loves skincare products and makeup.
-Her English name is Hannah.
-She thinks her charming point is her face. (Starlight Zone ep.6)
-She prefers cats over dogs.
-She has a cat named Sung or Sung-ie.
-She got accepted into JYP and YG on the same day but she chose JYP.
-She produces most of DAWN’s songs. (DAWN’s sweetness tips Ep.6)
-She has a Nintendo Switch. (After School Club)
-If she could switch bodies with anyone she would switch bodies with Yame because she would like to be short (After School Club)
-Hana isn’t that good in English, but she has been practicing.
-If she was a boy she would date Ara because she thinks opposites attract (BuzzFeed interview 2018)
-She sang ‘into the new world’ by girls generation for her audition at JYP (VLive karaoke)
-Her hobby is to take ugly pictures of the members (DAWN’s daily Ep.32)
-Her role at the dorm is to wash dishes
-She shares a room with Ara (Starlight Zone Ep.2)
-Her favorite colors are white and pink (iheartradio at KCON NewYork)
-Her motto: “You can”
-Hana’s Ideal Type Kim Seokjin

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Stage Name: Ara (아라)
Birth Name: Song Ara (송아라)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main rapper, Sub Vocalist
Birthday: October 25, 1997
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Height: 170cm (5’7’’)
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: O-
Sub-unit: Interstellar
Color: Black
Instagram: @arasong

Ara Facts:
-She was born in Busan, South Korea.
-She was a trainee for three years in JYP
-She always wins in the rhythmic gymnastics category in ISAC.
-She used to practice many types of gymnastics and also tennis.
-Ara doesn’t speak with her parents at all. (Dusk with Dawn Ep.19)
-She is really close to her older sister (Haneul)
-She is super flexible.
-Ara has participated and won many competitions while she practiced gymnastics.
-She was the first one out of the group to get her driving license.
-Ara used to have a Tumblr account dedicated to her little poems that eventually turned into lyrics.
-She used to compose songs and upload them to SoundCloud.
-Ara said would like to use wigs, to know what it feels like to have different hair colors and hairstyles. (Dusk with DAWN Ep.7)
-She’s a light sleeper, she always wakes up when Ayame sleepwalks. (and helps her go back to her bed)
-Ara always cheats while playing PS4 with the other members (Weekly Idol)
-She thinks her charming point is her eyes. (Starlight Zone ep.6)
-She can rap really fast since she's been doing it since she was 10.
-Ara has dimples on her back and has a birthmark on her hip.
-She appeared on many rap battles and won most of them.
-Ara loves bananas but she is allergic to them.
-Her favorite season is winter.
-She always carries her journal with her.
-When asked about her hard times as a trainee, she said “I didn’t have friends at first so it was really hard for me” (Dusk with Dawn Ep.9)
-She always wanted to join Unpretty Rapstar.
-Known for her rapping skills.
-Ara rarely sleeps.
-She loves playing video games, and she usually plays with Ayame.
-Ara’s Ideal Type Lee Jun-ho (2 PM)

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Stage Name: ViVi (비비)
Birth Name: Hwang Vivian (황 비비안)
Nationality: Canadian-Korean
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper
Birthday: March 24th, 1998
Zodiac sign: Aries
Height: 165cm (5’5’’)
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: AB
Sub-unit: Interstellar
Color: Red
Instagram: @vivi.bibi

Vivi Facts:
-She was born in Vancouver, Canada.
-She was a trainee for two and a half years.
-She knows every dance style possible, she's a literal dance machine.
-She has been dancing since she knew how to walk.
-She’s afraid of heights.
-She thinks her charming point is her skin. (Starlight Zone ep.6)
-Her favorite artists are Kehlani, Drake and
-She loves rock music.
-Her father works in the military.
-She has a habit of moving her eyebrows.
-She loves music and dance related films.
-She likes The Simpsons.
-Her favorite movie is Honey 3: Dare to Dance.
-She is left-handed.
-Her favorite brand is Supreme. (Dusk with Dawn Ep.9)
-She used to practice basketball.
-She knows how to play the electronic guitar and keyboard.
-Her favorite color is red.
-She hates summer as she sweats easily.
-Her favorite fruits are apples, cherries, peaches, and pears. But, she has allergies to these, so she usually tries to endure the itch and eat them.
-She has a huge collection of sneakers from every brand.
-She hates white chocolate.
-She always sleeps with her mouth open, just like Ayame.
-She has a puppy named Achu.
-She's afraid of bugs and snakes.
-She loves expensive brands.
-Vivi trained martial arts (especially taekwondo and hapkido). (Dusk with DAWN Ep.3)
-Vivi really likes gummy bears and milk tea. (DAWN’s daily Ep.31)
-She almost burnt the dorm on Ayame's birthday, because she was trying to bake a cake. (Starlight Zone Ep.3)
-HaeLyn said that her first impression of Vivi was that she was very boyish. (Vivi on V LIVE)
-She is good at learning and creating choreographies. (iheartradio at KCON NewYork)
-She loves classical music.
-Vivi’s Ideal Type J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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Stage Name: Lilah (릴라)
Birth Name: Jung Lilah (정릴라)
Korean Name: Jung Minjun (정민준)
Nationality: Australian/Korean
Position: Main dancer, Lead vocalist, Lead rapper
Birthday: April 1, 2000
Zodiac sign: Aries
Height: 165cm ( 5 ft 5 in)
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: B
Sub-unit: Nebula
Color: Blue
Instagram: @lil.ahj

Lilah Facts:
-She was born in Sydney, Australia.
-Her parents are both Korean.
-She was a trainee for two and a half years at JYP.
-She moved to Seoul at 15 years old.
-She has a younger sister called Ella.
-She speaks Chinese, Korean and English.
-She's friends with lots of idols.
-She has known Felix from stray kids for a lot of years and they are close friends.
-She attended the same school as Felix from Stray Kids and even was in the dance team with him. (vLive 180305)
-She attends Hanlim Multi-Arts School where she studies Practical Dance.
-She has been dancing since she was three years old and.
-Her favorite number is 24 since 2+4=6 and Dawn has 6 members.
-She is always the first one to wake up and she usually wakes up everyone else.
-She knows basically every k-pop dance(Pops in Seoul)
-She learns dances very quickly.
-She helps choreograph the group’s songs.
-She follows most of the fashion trends and even went to Seoul fashion week. (Pops in Seoul)
-The other members voted for the girl who learns choreographies the fastest (After School Club)
-She thinks her charming point is her accent (Starlight Zone ep.6)
-She is really into online shopping lately (IDOL RADIO)
-She got first place in gymnastics at ISAC.
-She is the loudest member even when it’s late at night.
-Her members say she has a 4D personality. (After School Club)
–Her nicknames (according to the members): Lil A.J, Jungmin, minjun-ie, Jun and Jun-ie.
-Her nicknames (given by fans): Sunshine and little man.
-Her role models are Hyuna and Beyonce.
-She has a Beyoncé poster on her bedroom wall (Dusk with Dawn Ep.3)
-Her members say that she is the happy virus of the group because she always cheers them up.
-She considers herself the guy of the group. (Amigo TV)
-Her favorite foods are Tteoboki and fried chicken.
-She doesn’t like the texture of beans or onions.
-Her favorite animals are turtles, crabs, and koalas.
-Her favorite desserts are watermelon and cheesecake.
-She loves green tea.
-She can play the guitar and ukulele (vLive 180430)
She would like to be an MC at After School Club (ASC)
-Her favorite girl group is TWICE. She really likes Jihyo and Momo.
-She really likes pictures and landscapes.
-She sang ‘no makeup’ by Zion.T for her JYP audition.
-Her favorite artists are Zion.T, Dean, IU, Ariana Grande, H.E.R, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, logic and more (iheartradio at KCON New York)
-She wants to meet Kevin Moon from the boyz. (ASC)
-She thinks her charming points are her accent and her three dimples.
-Her hobbies are practicing dance and watching ASMR (DAWN’s daily Ep.40)
-She shares a room with HaeLyn.
-Her motto is: “The kindness you give should always be the kindness you get”
-Lilah’s Ideal Type Hwang Hyunjin

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Stage Name: Lyn (린)
Birth Name: Bae HaeLyn (배해린)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Maknae, Main Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: January 20, 2001
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Height: 165cm (5’5’’)
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: B
Sub-unit: Nebula
Color: Yellow
Instagram: @baehae.lyn

Lyn Facts:
-She was born in Ulsan, South Korea
-She lived for 2 years in Paris, France.
-She was a trainee for four years JYP
-She's a great swimmer and won a lot of medals in competitions.
-She loves old music, classical music, jazz, and blues.
-She loves all types of art.
-She really enjoys French culture and food.
-Her favorite colors are yellow and brown.
-She loves plants and animals.
-She doesn't eat seafood.
-She likes earthy tones on clothes, makeup, etc...
-She would like to learn Spanish, German and European Portuguese.
-She always scolds Lilah when their room gets messy because she is very organized.
-She goes to coin karaoke whenever she gets the chance because she really enjoys it.
-She is fluent in Korean, French, and English.
-She has two older sisters (Soojin and Areum)
-She’s a jokester. She keeps the energy up in the group by joking around with the other members.
-Her nickname is “Ginseng” because she's the one who gives the members energy.
-She thinks her charming point is her dimples. (Starlight Zone ep.6)
-She attends Hanlim Multi Art School where she studies Applied Music.
-Lyn used a child model (Pops in Seoul)
-She likes all seasons.
-Whenever she killed a bug she would start crying. (Dawn’s daily Ep.5)
-She was the last member to be revealed.
-She dislikes coffee. (Starlight Zone Ep.4)
-Lyn is the closest with Lilah and often goes to her for comfort. (Starlight Zone Ep.1)
-Lilah says that Lyn draws really good pictures (Dawn’s daily Ep.50)
-She says that Vivi and Yame give really good advice and that they’re the moms of the group. (Starlight Zone Ep.6)
-HaeLyn’s Ideal Type NCT’s Jeno