Sometimes loneliness makes you think too much, it makes you see the bad side. Being alone is like not having a purpose, we are animals that live in society and that is why we need each other.
We are in a world surrounded by people and that is not a guarantee for not feeling alone. We see each other's eyes, but are we really seeing?
Why is it so difficult to feel empathy for the person next to you?
Why are some people bad? Why they NEED to feel superior?
In this world, people think you are valuable if you make an effort, if you leave your soul trying to build something, and if you can not achieve what you want is your fault. But we CAN NOT forget that we are not all born in the same house, with the same opportunities, so what is your problem? Why can not they help those who are born with less luck, without money or with bad parents or with an illness?
It is easy to judge, and not to think about the true motives behind each person's action.
We need love, but many times we find an empty soul that looks at us without emotion.
We need more positive feelings, think about the world around us, how to take care of it. If we can see the reality, evaluate the situation in which we find ourselves, if we are aware of our actions and their impact, life would be more honest.