Harvest Festival

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Sacrificial God and Mother Goddess

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The god sacrifices himself to the earth for his unborn child and becomes the Horned God of the Earth; when the child is born, the father will be reborn through him


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Plant seeds of eaten fruits
nature, travel, and orchards image fruit, travel, and adventure image
Walk through fields and orchards
corn, doll, and handmade image corn doll image
Make corn dollies
bottle, perfume, and magic image witch, wicca, and potion image
Make a witch's bottle


spell, witch, and altar image witchy, wiccan, and paganism image lammas and lughnasadh image Mature image
Spells for harvest, protection, and bounty


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Fruit and Bread
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The Sun


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Apples, grains, berries, and corn cakes


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Grapes, heather, blackberries, sloe, crab apples, and pears


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Aloes, rose, and sandalwood


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Yellow, orange, and green


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