All you can do sometimes is lie in bed and hope can fall asleep, so that you can forget your problems. ~Andjeli. R

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Letting go of someone who understands your problems and takes the tears away from you and instead gives you hope and love is the most difficult and painful thing you can do.

Believed that love would make everything better in life, but everything around me deteriorated, while I felt better inside, it felt like drugs for me that I can not live with without it. Was not your fault or my fault. Never knew that someone could love me so much. You always gonna have a special place in my heart and mind, because I never forget what kind of person you were to me.

Now my nights are the same as early; crying until middle of the night, make sure nobody hears my screaming heart and pray that I don`t wake up the next morning. These nights are the hardest but this is apparently what fate wants. Being happy with myself and with someone isn`t allowed in my life. When I will accept this life again I don`t know, but I know that every night will be the same as early.

Yes, I accept that forever I will be alone and end alone.

- Andjeli