So the colder days have come upon us. I can't believe it's decembrrr. I've got a few fashion items that I think everyone should have to get through these dark days.


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ofcourse you gotta have a super thick coat so you'll survive the cold days! I absolutely love these teddy coats! You look super cute with em and you'll stay warm and cozy while you're outside!


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okay gloves are an absolute must! Especially here in The Netherlands. I'm constantly on my bike and not having any gloves on is basically turning your hands into ice... so don't forget your gloves people!


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Get yourself an XXXL sweater so you're extra comfy! I absolutely love the sweater tucked into skirts these days!


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I love these blouses that are casual looking but have cool sleeves! they look so adorable (only not so adorbs when you gotta work in them..)


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yess black boots!! You can style them with basically anything! You can also give it a sporty style just by adding some cool socks! Yesterday I found mine through Asos so if you're still looking deff take a look there ;)


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ahh it's time to take out your chunky scarves again! I love these to wear even though I already have a headscarf on my head having a chunky scarf around me is a million times warmer!!



This is such a cool and cute way to stay warm during the cold days. Here are some inspo pictures!

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Okay these were all my items! I also made a youtube video where I showed the items I own now! It'd make my day if you checked out the video and let me know what you thought of it! :)

- XOXO -

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