That's a freaking good question , I always like Enzo or Evan idk.


Umm , I won't change anything about my actual one you know , very chill , ambitious but lazy AF (especially if I do not like something) but if I really like what I'm doing , I'd like to say hard worker , like "the devil work hard but I work harder" you know . Perfectionniste , but sometime careless , mature but with a child voice in my head telling me that I should act like I don't care (and then regret it.. or not) .


lol .


I would wear fur because why not?

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I would wear a lot of accessories.

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Everyday is a fashion week .

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I think I'd drove a Porsche 911 Turbo S color jet black because I love how classy a Porsche is .

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I'd live in Paris (maybe)

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Have a dog , named Gütchy.

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Lot of money yay !!!

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And I think that's all :)

Love y'all and don't forget you all beautiful & fabulous xx