This article is about all the concerts I went to so far. If you have any questions (maybe because you are going to see one of these artists or if you just wanna talk about them) just DM me - I'm always happy to get in contact with new people :)

Twenty One Pilots

When?: 31th of October 2016
Where?: Hamburg, Germany
Tour: Blurryface

This was my first concert EVER and it was Halloween so as a part of the skeleton clique I asked my friend which was going with me to put some makeup on me hehe

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Royal Republic [2x]

When?: 18th of February 2017; 12th of December 2017
Where?: Hamburg; Hanover, Germany
Tour: Weekend Man

I went to the concert in Hamburg but when I heard that they are coming to Hanover at the end of the tour as an extra date I just needed to go there since I'm living in Hanover and they were awesome

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Shawn Mendes

When?: 22th of May 2017
Where?: Hamburg, Germany
Tour: Illuminate

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Fall Out Boy (MAX)

When?: 6th of April 2018
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: Mania

MAX was one of the opening acts for Fall Out Boy so I got to see two artists which I love at one evening... jackpot!

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Nothing But Thieves

When?: 5th of November 2018
Where?: Hannover, Germany
Tour: Broken Machine

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The Rose

When?: 18th of November 2018
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: Paint It Rose

My first K-Rock/K-Pop concert and it was AMAZING uh I love them

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