tell your new love that falling in love day by day will not be an easy task, tell her that I gave you everything humanly possible, that I whispered poems in your ear, I dedicated songs that stirred your heart, that I made love to you so that when do it with her, the body that you will imagine will be mine.

tell her that you became addicted to my kisses, that the taste of them can't be removed no matter how hard you try, tell her I wrote you so many love letters that there are no words that she can use and that you do not know.

tell her that the sun and the moon were always our witnesses and that only our love is what they will recognize as unique and magical. You know that the more caresses you receive from her, the traces of your skin will never be erased. tell her that no matter how much time passes you will continue to love me, you will continue to desire me; tell her that I am and I will be the love of your life.