Hello babes,
Yesterday I posted my second poem, one with a clear meaning, and it seems that I start to like writing them. So for today I will post my third poem.


Darkened skies,
Before our eyes
Flashes of lightening,
Thunder so frightening

Rain pouring down,
Emptying town
Umbrellas unfold
It becomes cold

Leaves fall,
Spiders crawl
Autumn is near,
I'm sorry, dear?

Puddles on the street,
The air smelling sweet.
Tea in the making
Cinnamon rolls baking

Nights filled with laughter
Going to bed after
Slowly falling asleep
Not hearing a peep

A howling wind,
A creative mind
Sketches being made
Creating a braid

Soon winter will come,
The days turning glum
But first fall,
Will come to his call

poem, quote, and love image

I wrote this at the beginning of autumn and decided to post it just now. I hoped you liked this poem as much as I liked to write it. If you have find any typos/grammar mistakes send me a message and if you have any tips or tops feel free to tell me!

xoxo Marleen