disclaimer: it's actually the music I've been listening to all november but it's posted in december so i call it the december playlist

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
The Foundations - Build Me up Buttercup
Daryl Hall & John Oates - You Make My Dreams
Basenji - Can't Get Enough
Queen - It's A Hard Life
Jonas Blue - Rise
Linkin Park - Roads Untraveled
Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt so Good
MAX - Still New York
Jack Garratt - Surprise Yourself
SYML - Where's My Love
Debussy - Clair de Lune
Novo Amor - Callow

There were the songs, now a little extra info to those who wants to hear it before actually hearing the song (he he). UNDER THE PHOTO!

rain, city, and autumn image

Well everyone knows Bohemian Rhapsody (I've only recently actually realized how good it actually is and Queen in general, I think I will be listening more to them this month so be prepared to have a lot of Queen in January's playlist)
The next two songs I see as a little more retro songs, songs that are fun to dance to a little (you make my dreams is the song from the paper bag vine)
The Basenji song is featured in the Nerve movie, right in the beginning, it's a really sweet kind of song, it has a certain kind of mood in it.
Rise and Still New York are pretty basic pop songs.
If you have listened to Linkin Park but not so much, try this song! It's a more relaxed and calm song so if you don't enjoy that hard rock (I don't love it either), this is a good song to you.
The last 4 songs are pretty calm and peaceful all of them, good to listen when you want to listen to relaxing music while chilling out or maybe before sleeping (or during!). Clair de Lune is my favorite classical song, it is so beautiful. I actually don't listen to classical music almost at all, but this song I love.

Thank you for reading my article and I'll see you in the next one!! (--> Somewhere in the middle of December I will post a playlist with a theme)

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