It is finally here; the first of December! And we are going to enjoy Christmas everyday up to Christmas Day. Are you ready for the next 25 days?

Here are my 12 ideas what you could do before Christmas to lift your Christmas spirit:

1. Make a christmas playlist

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2. Bake cookies or make a gingerbread house

christmas, winter, and Cookies image christmas, winter, and gingerbread image

3. Go Christmas shopping

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4. Watch Christmas movies

прощайтехолодныевечера image christmas, winter, and home alone image

5. Do a Christmas clean up

candle, clean, and vintage image blanket, clean, and chair image

6. Drink hot chocolate

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7. Send out Christmas cards

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8. Wrap gifts

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9. Go see Christmas lights

cities, hat, and lights image winter, lights, and snow image

10. Go ice skating

winter, love, and snow image christmas, cozy, and figure skating image

11. Decorate the Christmas tree

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12. Wait for Santa Claus

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+ 13. Spread the Christmas spirit by donating to charity <3

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Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold!