Since I am fluently speaking three languages and currently I am learning three more I think I could tell you how to actually learn one. I am fluent in Czech, Slovak and English than I am studying French, Japanese and Latin.

Build a bilingual mind

I think that this is something what would help you the most. Having bilingual mind is a good vantage you want to have. I am a bilingual child and from my experiences I can tell you that your brain starts to work differently and you will find it super convenient! Learning new languages will be a bit easier and it would even help you in others subjects...

For building this type of mind you have to get your second language as good as you are able to. Being bilingual doesn't mean you have to have C1 or C2 in the subject. It means that you can speak, write and listen. You just have to change your mind set, start to think in the language.

I know this is probably the hardest point in here. But try to master one language and than you can add others.

Grammar, grammar, grammar...and grammar

Sure, not even natives get grammar 100% correct. But this is one of the MUSTS! What is a vocabulary for when you know nothing about grammar?

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I know that feeling full of anguish and displeasure then you have to learn 300 new words till next day due to the test you are taking. But how would you become fluent if you don't know any words in whatever language you are trying to be fluent in?

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Find out what level you have in the language you learn

I personally think that this could be an inspiration or a reward for you. It's always good to know what level you are and how much more of a work needs to be done to reach the standard you want to reach.

Lear an alphabet

Especially if you are learning languages which have different than your native one.

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Read a lot. You'll get new words, grammar and even some of the phrases that are common.

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Try to think in that language

Try not to translate prepared phrases instead try to not translate them but come up with them. (really don't know how to explain it...)

Watch films and videos

Hear the language and than finally you'll understand.


For example write a diary in the language. After few weeks you'll be able to see how far you get with the language you'll see a progress you made.

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Don't expect that you'll learn it overnight

These type of things need time! But eventually you'll get there!

Making mistakes is rather good thing than necessarily a bad one

We are humans sometimes stupid as f..k but still humans. You learn from your mistakes so be grateful that you made one because next time you'll be aware of that tricky thing! :-)

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Try to reach small goal to reach a big one

Learning new vocabs, grammar or even an accent.

Not having an accent is not meaning that you are bad

Accents are hard to get. But you'll get there don't worry.

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