hey guys!!

today I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite movies!! this also 100% serves as a movie recommendation list! this doesn't really have a specific "theme", like how a lot of people are making their fall/winter movie recommendations right now, it's just my favorites!
I tend to like horror movies more than anything (especially cheesy ones ldflkajskldj idk don't judge me), so this might be a little??? horror centric?? as usual, this list is in no particular order!!

IT (2017)

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okay listen. this movie is??? so good??? idk if I just like it so much bc its stephen king's work, because the kids are right around my age, or bc I just like horror movies, but damn!!!!! while this movie is obviously a horror movie, it is also a great sort of coming of age story. also, the 80s!

SCREAM (1996)

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come on yall, you gotta admit this is a pretty good movie. like a real classic. the story is good (at least in the first one sjdfhls) and its a well rounded slasher! and I can't forget to mention how hot billy is :)

TITANIC (1997)

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okay, if there's an outlier in this list it's definitely this movie. normally I just cannot stand sad romance movies... but come on. its titanic. how could I not love it????


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BITCH! this movie is. so good. so iconic. so controversial. I love it thank you. if my life was going no where I'd run away with the meat man and go on a murder spree too. sdhfsdjf jokes aside even though this movie feels like the world's longest and weirdest fever dream, it rlly manages to pull it off! and of course the serious tones commentating on how media can turn killers into gods are obviously very relevant and true! watch this movie PLEASE


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this movie truly is iconic and you can't deny it. its kind of weird but thats part of it babe sdhflskkdj its. pretty funny for the most part and. listen you just gotta watch it.

FARGO (1996)

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this rlly is one of my guilty pleasure movies sdjfsldj it's not like the best movie ever obviously but.... jeez! I'm from Minnesota so how am I supposed to resist it??? ps yes some of us do talk like that but sadly not many


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clearly another guilty pleasure movie, but come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who doesn't like this movie? we love one lawyer


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another classic here!!! my mom thinks that this is the scariest movie in the world, but I don't think its that bad sdflsdlkfsj it is a great movie!!! hannibal is the icon all serial killers aspire to be


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this movie is so iconic... no one can convince me otherwise shdfljsd its so fuckgin funny and the story isn't that bad!!! I first watched this movie when I was?? probably like nine and I thought it was the funniest thing ever without even understanding it, but it's funnier when you do get it sdflsjd anyways. watch it


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last but not least, I had to include perhaps the most iconic teen movie of our generation.... I have never met anyone that doesn't like this movie and I don't think that I ever will flskdjflskdj its such a good story and a funny ass movie,,, there are so many lines in this movie that will forever be remembered!!!!!

and so there yall have it!! 10 of my favorite movies :^)
I rlly don't watch movies all that often, so this rlly isn't that big of a list, but I think it gets the job done!! I also really like the hp series, but I don't have a particular favorite so I didn't include any of them in this, lol

sdfslkjd well!! I'll see you guys next time!!! remember to follow me lmao


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