Hello beautiful people!! Happy new month!

Let's get started

1 day

Write down your plans for this month

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2 day

Make a playlist with some christmas songs

3 day
Set up christmas decorations

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4 day

Make christmas cookies

5 day

Have a fun christmas movie marathon

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mood. Some movies: A christmas story, Love actually, The polar express, It's a Wonderful Life, Home alone, Elf

6 day

Go ice skating

7 day

List down things that make you happy

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8 day

Write down some thank you letters

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9 day

Clean out your closet, donate clothes that you don't wear

10 day

Meditate for 10 min

11 day

Paint your nails

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12 day

Explore your city

13 day

Go to the library

14 day

Buy a new outfit (for your Christmas / New Year eve party)

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15 day

Buy Christmas presents

16 day

Sleep in

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17 day

Make a hot chocolate

18 day

Wear fuzzy socks and chill

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19 day

Go out for a walk

20 day

Go to a Christmas parade / concert

21 day

Have a Christmas themed sleepover / party

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22 day

Wrap your Christmas presents

23 day

Relax, do face, hair, lip masks

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24 day

Stay up till midnight

25 day
Enjoy, stay away from your phone and have fun with your family & friends / Go to church

26 day

Help your family to clean your house

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27 day

Go shopping because they have sales

28 day

Have a snowball fight

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29 day

Sit by the window and read a book

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30 day

Write your new years resolutions

31 day

Happy New Year guys! Hope that you have a blessed new year. 2019 better be our year

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