Well today I've decided to write about some cities around the world I want to visit one day, hope you enjoy.

1. Iceland- Reykjavik

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I've always loved cold weather and I think this is probably my dream place so I really hope to visit it in the future.

2. New York, USA

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I'm not really sure what is it about NYC but I've always dreamed to go there. And this is probably one of the places that's on everyones wishlist. "Big City, Big Dreams"

3. Mexico City, Mexico

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I've always wanted to visit Mexico 'cause of It's culture, people, food.

4. Los Angeles, California

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It has this beachy vibe and It's a city full of big dreams. Even tho I'm not really a warm weather kinda type I have a really big wish to go there.

5. Tokyo, Japan

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I mean who woudn't like to go to Tokyo. It has a modern look with old culture and It's the city of future.

6. Seoul, South Korea

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Seoul, the town of k-pop, great korean food and of course the culture.

7. Singapore, Singapore

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Singapore, a modern town with amazing architecture and culture.

8. Sydney, Australia

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In my opinion probably one of the most modern and most beautiful city in the world.

9. Mumbai, India

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I really love architecture and culture there and they have a lot of amazing traditions.

10. Bangkok, Thailand

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A lot of my friends have visited Bangkok and i wondered why, but now i understand, It's really beautiful, just like all of the cities I've mentioned.

- thanks for reading <3