Today I reached 40,000 followers, which still amazes me. Because of this milestone I decided to write an article. I've been meaning to write such one for a very long time, but I have been unable to simply find my muse. You see, for a few months now I've been stuck in a terrible rut and I can't find the way out. Everything seems so complicated, so instead of writing something "complex" I just thought that I could make a list. You know how at times you don't know how to love life anymore?! Yes? That's why I decided to make a list of everything I love, even if at times I feel like I can't feel something so nice.

  • France
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  • Italy
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  • The Savant Series
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And by the whole series, I mean the WHOLE series. Not the first 3 books, but the other 5 or 6, as well. They were the books because of which I took to reading.
  • Books in general
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and libraries and book stores at that matter
  • Summer
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  • Adventures
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  • Animals
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  • Disney Movies/ Songs