Finally, Christmas! My favourite time of year (besides my birthday) it's about spending time with your family and spreading the love! I have a Elf on the Shelf at home, and a Christmas tree in my room, this is how much I love Christmas! On top of that, I’m catholic and giving is the season right? So let’s begin our wish list! Grab a pen and lets go!

Not to long ago I wrote a letter to Santa and the Elf’s at the North Pole, my Elf (Yeonwoo) sent it to Santa, and he received it! If you guys have no idea what you want for Christmas why don’t you start thinking about the wanna get other people, and if you did that, here are some really popular toys 🧸

1. Pikmi Pops
2. Zoomer bunnies
3. Cabbage patch kids
4. Stuffed animals
5. Remote controlled cars, toys etc.
7. Barbie dolls
8. Those flipping sequences thingies
9. Hachimals
10. Pokémon cards

Well, that’s all really popular toys right now, maybe you’ll donate them to SickKids or some charity, or even give a present. What do I want for Christmas? Happiness and joy for all of you.