Hey, everyone!
I have decided I want to share with you my semester work. I`m studying to become a makeup artist but I have to learn a lot of other things not just how to do makeup. If you are interested in what I have to study, let me know and I`ll write an article about that as well!

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I have been given a theme "Diva"! I have to choose what kind of diva I`m making. I`ll be graded in two subjects - theory and practical lessons. For that I have to do:

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I chose "Business diva"

What is diva?

I have to write a description of a diva.

"This is the diva I chose! What in diva in short?
A woman that knows what she wants. She has worked hard for everything she has. A woman with class whom who everyone else gets inspired. She is smart, confident and if you call her drama queen, she`ll just smile and continue to reach her next goal because she doesn`t waste her time explaining herself."

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Draw a makeup sketch

I have to draw a makeup sketch of what my diva`s makeup will look like. Recently I came up with an idea for it and that`s a hell of a technique... I even struggle to draw it on a paper, let`s not talk about a face...

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This techique - open banana. I know it looks good, but it`s hard to make it the same on both eyes

Make a collage

It can be made on paper with pictures from magazines or made digitally. Basically I have to put my associations

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These three things I have to have printed out and given theory`s teacher in a folder.

Find a model

For me this wasn`t the hardest part because I have a friend that has an experience with modelling. For her I have to do the makeup, hair and find clothes. And this all will be graded on my practical lessons

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The day of presentation is on December 12 - the last day to submit my folder and the dreadful day of creating my diva for judges!

This was a small insight of my school! If you are interested more about my studies, let me know!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Undi