Hello there my name is sofia and I am from Greece :) I'm here to suggest you some of my favorite christmas movies I always watch every year. Watching Christmas movies is like listening to Christmas songs, it is something you simply can never avoid doing during the holidays. It is a tradition. So let's start with the list :D

1.Home alone Lost in New York (1992) 🏠 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Yeah this is one of the most popular christmas movies, so you were all expecting it to be on the list. But why not? It is so well-made in my opinion. First of all you have this adorable sweet little boy that is so unlucky. He doesn't get along with his family only with his mother. He goes through such an adventure all alone in a foreign city but even though he is very young, he is very mature and manages to escape the evil thieves (btw they are hilarious). What keeps him safe it is not only his braveness ahd cleverness but most importantly the kind heart he has.

I totally recommend this film because it has humour, it has adventure, and also it will make you cry and feel very happy and also put you in the Christmas mood 💖

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2. The elf (2003)

This movie is all about a boy named Buddy that was raised by elves in an orphanage. When he grows up he has to go and find his true family living in New York. He goes through many obstacles because he is not used to living with humans. But he never loses his passion and love for Christmas and he manages also to pass it to people that have no faith in Santa Claus.

Will Ferell stars in this movie so you understand how much funny it is. Everytime I watch it it makes me so funny and that is why I rewatch it so many times xaxa.

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3. How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)

This movie is all about believing in good spirit and in love. It is about giving love to people and have faith. It tells the story of the "well-known" fictional character Grinch that was treated very badly from the local people that he went to live all by himself and his dog far away from the city. He hates the people of his town but when a young girl aproaches him he is trying to change his attitude towards the people who betrayed him. But that doesn't always go right.

It is definitely a movie worth watching with the super-talented Jim Carrey 💘

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4.Love Actually (2003)

It is a romantic movie with many famous actors like Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman and more. It tells the story of different couples during Christmas that are going through some problems in their relationship and also the stories of people that are trying to find love in this very romantic period of the year. 💗

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I hope I was helpful and gave you some good recommendations on what movies you should watch with your friends and family during the Christmas period. Have a nice time and enjoy your holidays!! xx 💗💗🎅

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